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San Diego Pride Parade And Festival Breaks Attendance Records With The Help Of Lee And London’s PR Expertise

July 22nd, 2019 Posted by Gala/Special Events, General, Media Hit, nonprofit, Public Relations, Special Events No Comment yet

SD Pride Parade Hosted Over 275 Contingents, 300,000 spectators and sold a record-breaking number of festival tickets.

Lee and London was honored to volunteer our time and PR experience for the 46th annual San Diego Pride, led by our own Chloe Janda!

We’ve been implementing strategic PR tactics all year for the parade and festival, including earning coverage across hundreds of media platforms and creating social media posts about the 5K. Thanks to the awesome PR and impressive marketing team, Pride broke attendance records for the entire weekend. Yeah, you heard that right, we broke records! For the first time in 46 years of SD Pride the festival made over ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN TICKET SALE!  

The parade showcased over 275 contingents marching and parade attendees included over 300,000 people flooding the streets from Hillcrest to Balboa Park honoring the Stonewall generation and celebrating their unified LGBTQ+ community. The parade spectators went up 50,000 from 2018! Pride events featured the diversity and achievements of indigenous, black, trans, military, and Latinx folx, highlighting the 50 years of accomplishments of the community and paying tribute to Stonewall’s 50th anniversary. 

Parade-goers hold pride flag on parade morning.

Lee and London Account Manager, Chloe Janda, lead the PR crusade all year long anticipating the week-long surge of SD Pride events. Janda and L&L’s three PR interns, McKenzie Jester, Taelor Ross and Vivianh Huynh planned press conference as well as a morning CBS News 8 live backlot segment and numerous live news interviews.

The live ABC 10 segment

“I can’t think of a better way to gain experience in public relations while supporting the San Diego LGBTQ community,” said McKenzie Jester, PR intern. “We were proud to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ loved ones and acknowledging that this day is about them, their success, and their ongoing battles.”

Lee and London team meets mayor Kevin Faulconer at SD Pride Press Conference.

The event packed week started on Saturday, July 6 with She Fest, a woman-centered event that celebrates and supports the talents and contributions of women, and ended on the festival main stage singing along to the infectious melodies of the rock icon and pioneer of queer rock music, Melissa Ethridge

“To my LGBTQ fans in San Diego and around the world, I have so much to thank you for. You are proof that we can become the change we wish to see,” said Melissa Ethridge. 

Melissa Etheridge jams on the Pride main-stage.

Sunday’s festivities include entertainment zones, local drag performances, community organizations and free community resources, youth organizations, dance areas, beverage gardens, visual art, vendor booths, educational and art exhibits, cultural presentations, free HIV testing, delicious food, and much more. 

The music festival had over 50,000 attendees enjoying headlining acts King Princess, Mykki Blanco, Greyson Chance and RuPaul Drag Race Queen’s Aquaria, Asia O’Hara and Kim Chi. All proceeds from the festival and parade support San Diego Pride’s LGBTQ-centered philanthropy and year-round education and advocacy programs. The festival was unifying and celebratory for all in attendance. And just when we thought this week could not be more filled with kindness and love, we witnessed a marriage proposal!

Ben Mendoza proposes to Mark Maddox on the festival main-stage.

We know how special San Diego is, but do you? Here’s what makes San Diego and SD Pride stand out among the rest. We are happy to report that San Diego was one of the only major cities across the world without any protests or any major incidents at the parade. Because SD is a city with a large military presence, integrating queer service members into the celebration was a must. At 9 a.m. on the morning of the Parade, 5K and Festival, history was made with a reenlistment ceremony of a trans service member of the Coast Guard, conducted by Major General Beevers in solidarity with the transgender community.  During the parade, a 4 ship, F15 flyover from Cal Guard’s Fresno 144th Fighter Wing- another historic first- was conducted in honor of our transgender service members who bravely serve this country every day. 

Transgender troops march during the parade.

We watched transgender soldiers walk in unison, young children watch drag queens perform wide-eyed in amazement and parents line streets to hug LGBTQ youth to show they are not alone. While this week was long and draining at times, the impact these moments had on us was far more influential than any of us anticipated. It taught us lessons in kindness, work ethic and community unity. Lee and London is beaming with San Diego Pride!

David and Nic Sheff, Inspiration Behind Golden Globe Nominated Film “Beautiful Boy”, Featured on KUSI and Fox 5

January 17th, 2019 Posted by client news, General, Media Hit, PR news, Public Relations, Social Media, video No Comment yet

David and Nic Sheff, the real-life family, authors and inspiration behind  “Beautiful Boy ”, visited the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center (JCC) to talk about their new book, “High: Everything You Want to Know About Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction”.  The San Diego Center for Jewish Culture  (CJC) hosted the Sheffs earlier today as part of their book tour. In their new book the father/son team provides education on drugs and addiction in a way geared towards middle school aged readers and covers topics like how to navigate peer pressure, outlets for stress and potential consequences of experimenting. 

David and Nic Sheff’s heartbreaking and inspiring experience of survival and recovery in a family coping with addiction inspired the film “Beautiful Boy” starring Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell. The film is based on Nic’s memoir “Tweak” and David’s memoir “Beautiful Boy,” both #1 New York Times best sellers.

Prior to their appearance at the JCC, David and Nic Sheff were guests on KUSI and Fox 5 to talk about their new book and inspiration behind it.

View the KUSI segment below:

Lifestyle Boutique + Fit Studio Lead Charge to Revitalize Del Mar Plaza

January 11th, 2019 Posted by Fashion, General, Media Hit, Retail No Comment yet

I’m a native of Los Angeles, but during my childhood I traveled down to San Diego often for softball tournaments. One place I remember extremely well is the Del Mar Plaza. I recall the market that sold all sorts of healthy snacks and fresh produce, and then there was a really funky store that had bedazzled clothing and funny gifts. So when Lee and London received a call that some women were opening a boutique at the Del Mar Plaza and were looking for PR support, I was totally on board!

When I arrived at the plaza, I could tell it wasn’t the same. The breathtaking views were still there but so much was gone. What was once the bustling focal point of Del Mar had changed from what I recalled as a teenager. When we sat down with our client, we learned the plaza had been neglected for years by owners who didn’t even live in the country. In 2017, Patricia Brutton and her husband Marc decided to change that and purchased the plaza, putting it under local ownership for the first time in 20 years.

Patty Brutton was on a mission to breathe life back into the plaza and restore it to its former glory and then some. But she wasn’t going to wait around for the types of businesses she wanted to come in, so she decided to open one herself. With the help of a couple of lifelong friends, they opened Sea Biscuit Del Mar, a boutique offering the latest in fashion trends, gorgeous gifts, personal styling and more.

In addition to the boutique, Kim Kelly Fit Studio was also going to be moving in. Kim is a well-known local trainer who had been traveling up and down the coast for over 10 years packing and unpacking her car for classes, bringing the fitness to her clients. Well it was finally time for the clients to come to her.

With two trendy businesses moving into the Del Mar Plaza, we decided our angle to the press would center on the revitalization of the plaza with Sea Biscuit and Kim Kelly Fit Studio leading the way. This was a textbook local press campaign.

Our quick three-month campaign produced media hits with a majority of our targeted press outlets.

San Diego Business Journal

Online link:

Ranch & Coast

Del Mar Times

Del Mar Times ran a feature story in addition to running the press release we provided.

Online link:

Online Link:

The San Diego Union Tribune

Online Link:

Other press included mentions in the Rancho Santa Fe News and the Coast News along with two placements pending with La Jolla and Del Mar Lifestyle.

LLPR Supports Launch of TOMO – A Fresh & Modern Golf Apparel Company

January 8th, 2019 Posted by General, Golf, Holiday Gift Guide, Media Hit, Public Relations No Comment yet

Lifestyle public relations is fun in and of itself. But every so often you get those clients who appeal to a personal passion, and it’s like the stars align. For me, I love golf. I’ve been golfing for nearly 15 years, so needless to say, when TOMO came on board with Lee and London, I was ecstatic.

TOMO is a San Diego-based golf apparel company that launched its first product in 2018 – a fashionable, comfortable, eco-friendly, affordable and quality spikeless golf shoe designed to be worn to the golf course and beyond. They packed a lot of great stuff into this shoe!

Check them out here:

Founder Sunny Chou discovered something after years on the course and some anecdotal research, which involved hanging out at the golf course passing out Gatorades and gathering insight and information from golfers about their shoes. He learned there really wasn’t a shoe out there that had it all. Sure some were comfortable and high quality, but often times those options were neither fashionable nor affordable. The ones that were affordable skimped on quality materials and so on. With that information, Sunny began a two-year process from concept to launch that we were proud to provide PR support for.

We had three main focuses for TOMO’s campaign – 1) Secure local press 2) Introduce the brand to national/international press 3) Gift the shoes to celebrities and secure influencer collaborations.

We tell every new client the same thing [when applicable] – start in your own backyard. There’s no better and easier place to garner press than in the city you are from. Luckily, San Diego is one of the best places in the world to golf, so we knew local press would certainly take note of a golf apparel company launching here. In addition to local press, we would begin introducing the product to national editors and reporters. Not surprisingly, launching a golf shoe in direct competition with the world’s biggest brands (Nike, Puma, etc) is no easy feat. But it’s vital to get the brand in front of these decision makers, so once the company has built credibility and a following, the editors are already familiar with the name. Lastly, products like this are perfect for influencer collaborations and celebrity gifting. Like most startups, there typically is no budget to pay for posts. While this can be difficult, it also offers the opportunity to get organic posts from people who actually love the product and aren’t just posting for money.

Below is a breakdown of the results of our campaign with TOMO.


TOMO was chosen as one of San Diego Magazine’s “Editor’s Picks” for its 2018 Christmas Gift Guide and was featured in print and online.

NY Mag’s blog The Strategist included TOMOs in one of its gift guides for golfers!

Online Link:

A Mom’s Take, a great blog for moms, named TOMO golf shoes one of its top holiday gifts for men.

Online Link:

JustLuxe, a luxury lifestyle, fashion and travel outlet based in San Diego, couldn’t get enough of the shoes, saying “the new spikeless shoe is now my goto on both the fairway and the driving range.”

Online Link:

La Jolla Lifestyle featured the launch of TOMO in print for its November 2018 issue.

Celebrity Gifting + Influencer Partnerships

Actor Rory Scovel posts about TOMO.

Fresh off of starring in “I Feel Pretty,” we had our eye on Rory, who we knew loved to golf. We reached out to gift a pair and received a yes! Now, something to note with celebrity gifting – we never expect a post. We never expect anything. We gift hoping two things 1) If they love the product maybe they’ll post about it somewhere 2) If they wear them in public and get snapped by paparazzi, then we get to reach out to pubs and say “look who’s wearing these awesome golf shoes from our client TOMO!” So we were thrilled to see Rory make a post that was so supportive of the shoes!

Hollywood Men’s Stylist Andrew Weitz Gifts Shoes to Tom Brady

When TOMO came on board with us, they made it very clear they wanted customers to understand these shoes weren’t just to be worn on the course. If you look at other golf shoes, you’ll see pretty quickly they are lacking in the “style” department. Because of this, we reached out to influencers in the fashion space. Needless to say, we were ecstatic when Andrew Weitz, one of the most influential male stylists in Hollywood, not only responded asking for one pair, but eventually requested three to gift to his clients. And who was one of the men he was planning to gift a pair to? Tom. Brady. We may or may not be stalking Brady’s social sites and Getty to see if we’ll get lucky enough to catch him wearing them. While expecting a post from someone like Tom Brady is like expecting Tom Brady to choke in a major game, we’re beyond thrilled one of the most respected stylists in Hollywood loves the shoes enough to gift them to his major golfing clients.

Courtesy of The Weitz Effect Instagram.

By the end of our campaign, we gifted shoes to former Bachelor Ben Higgins, actors Gregg Sulkin and Rob Riggle.

Kenwavey Golf

Kenwavey, maker of hilarious golf videos, has become a huge fan of TOMOs, wearing them in a number of videos!

At the end of our campaign, we were pleased with the traction we received with press as well as the kinds of influencers and celebrities we were able to work with.

Hot Design Trends for 2019: Client featured in UT story

January 4th, 2019 Posted by client news, Design, General, Media Hit No Comment yet

WildAid Featured on for Anti-Poaching Campaign Partnership with Black Panther Star Danai Gurira

December 21st, 2018 Posted by client news, Media Hit, nonprofit No Comment yet

When one of the biggest stars in Hollywood teams up with one of the biggest nonprofits fighting the illegal wildlife trade, it’s no surprise People Magazine would love to know the details.
While we don’t play favorites at Lee and London, we do have a very special place in our hearts for our nonprofit clients. WildAid, an international nonprofit fighting the illegal wildlife trade, is an incredible organization that has quite literally saved millions of animals with its poignant and hard-hitting campaigns featuring the world’s most influential people. WildAid’s latest partnership is with Black Panther and The Walking Dead star Danai Gurira. In a PSA featuring footage from Marvel’s Black Panther, Danai speaks on the dire state of the rhino population and encourages everyone to join the fight in saving these majestic creatures. did a fantastic write-up on the new campaign. Check it out here:

“We’re still losing our rhinos to ruthless poachers, who kill these beautiful animals, just because people want their horns for carvings, jewelry and curses.”

Dr. Gadget Highlights Client Nonda on KTLA

December 17th, 2018 Posted by Consumer Tech, Holiday Gift Guide, Media Hit No Comment yet

Just in time for the Christmas shopping season, our team secured a promo with longtime KTLA tech/gear contributor Dr. Gadget for our client Nonda. The dedicated segment featured three of Nonda’s award-winning products, including the ZUS Smart Wireless Backup Camera, the ZUS Smart Car Charger and the ZUS Dash Cam. In addition to the segment, Nonda’s products were part of the station’s Ultimate Gift Giveaway. The client saw a 4x return on its investment for this one segment.

Client Nonda in Mashable

November 21st, 2018 Posted by Auto, Consumer Tech, Media Hit No Comment yet

We love getting coverage for clients – like this recent feature by Mashable on client Nonda’s wireless backup camera. The story ran Nov. 6, sending high traffic volume to the company’s website to place orders for the holidays.

Client JDR in Summer Issue of Cottages & Bungalows

May 10th, 2017 Posted by client news, Design, Media Hit, PR news, Public Relations No Comment yet

Client Jackson Design & Remodeling is featured in the June/July issue of Cottages & Bungalows Magazine – available now on newsstands nationwide!  The article is called “Mission: Dream Kitchen” and highlights a gorgeous Rustic kitchen remodel in San Diego.  Check out the article HERE!

Client Jackson Design Featured in Cottage White Summer Issue

March 28th, 2017 Posted by client news, Design, General, Media Hit, PR news, Public Relations No Comment yet

Check out a beautiful La Jolla, California kitchen remodel by client Jackson Design & Remodeling in the summer issue of Cottage White magazine. This gorgeous colonial coastal kitchen was  designed by Tatiana Machado-Rosas and can be seen HERE on page 20.

Check out a beautiful La Jolla, California kitchen remodel by client Jackson Design & Remodeling in the summer issue of Cottage White magazine. This gorgeous colonial coastal kitchen was  designed by Tatiana Machado-Rosas and can be seen HERE on page 20.

Two National Magazine Photo Shoots This Week!

October 3rd, 2016 Posted by client news, Design, General, Media Hit, PR news, Public Relations No Comment yet

Our team was excited to land two very big hits for our longtime client Jackson Design and Remodeling this week. We got two of their projects in national magazines, one in Cottages & Bungalows and one in Rustic Country Magazine. The staff from the magazines came down to San Diego with their photographer to style and shoot both homes.  The first shoot was for a gorgeous traditional kitchen in La Jolla and the second shoot was a whole home (and barn) in Escondido.

Behind the Scenes on our Escondido Farm photo shoot:

While at the photo shoots, the onsite artistic director teased some of the final photos with a sneak preview on Instagram.  You can see how amazing they look!

Lee & London Lands Coverage in French Style for Client JDR

January 5th, 2016 Posted by client news, Design, General, Media Hit, PR news, Public Relations No Comment yet

The March issue of French Style Magazine featured a gorgeous French Country kitchen remodeled by client Jackson Design and Remodeling.  The 5-page spread also includes tips for designing a French Country kitchen. Check out the full spread – CLICK HERE.

San Diego 6 Reports LIVE from the San Diego Festival of Beer

September 19th, 2014 Posted by client news, Food and Drink, General, Media Hit, PR Industry, Public Relations, Special Events No Comment yet

Watch San Diego 6 report LIVE from the San Diego Festival of Beer here!

Check out the San Diego Festival of Beer on KUSI San Diego

September 16th, 2014 Posted by client news, Food and Drink, General, Media Hit, PR Industry, Public Relations, Special Events No Comment yet

Thanks to Culture Brewing Co, Groundswell Brewing Company, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego and Carri Larsen-Chandler for helping us with our spot on KUSI Good Morning San Diego! Watch the San Diego Festival of Beer on KUSI San Diego: San Diego Festival of Beer on KUSI News