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    Paid Student Internships -- Fall 2024

    Pay: $15/hour

    Hours per week: 15-20


    We’re looking for a bright, organized, fearless, go-getter looking to dive in head first and soak up some real-world PR experience. 

    -Are you a techno geek constantly checking your Twitter feed, writing in your blog, tagging your friends in photos and “checking in” everywhere you go?
    – Do you love to write, read every book you can get your hands on and keep your AP Stylebook on your nightstand?
    – Are you interested in learning about the strategy of PR and not just the tactics?
    – Do you love action sports, craft beer and trying new restaurants?

    If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, then this might be the internship for you. And the best part is, this is not your typical internship where you’re one of many, spending your days locked in a cube building media lists wondering when you’re ever going to get to actually DO something. At Lee & London, you will do it all. We believe in giving you as much experience as you can handle! During your three-month internship you will be an active and integral member of our team, you will attend client meetings, produce creative content for social media outlets, and do lots and lots of writing (press releases, media alerts, proposals, and more!) And yes, you will also use Cision, because every PR person needs to learn how to build media lists like a badass. But you’ll learn more hands-on applicable PR skills here than at many other agencies.