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Lifestyle Boutique + Fit Studio Lead Charge to Revitalize Del Mar Plaza

January 11th, 2019 Posted by Fashion, General, Media Hit, Retail No Comment yet

I’m a native of Los Angeles, but during my childhood I traveled down to San Diego often for softball tournaments. One place I remember extremely well is the Del Mar Plaza. I recall the market that sold all sorts of healthy snacks and fresh produce, and then there was a really funky store that had bedazzled clothing and funny gifts. So when Lee and London received a call that some women were opening a boutique at the Del Mar Plaza and were looking for PR support, I was totally on board!

When I arrived at the plaza, I could tell it wasn’t the same. The breathtaking views were still there but so much was gone. What was once the bustling focal point of Del Mar had changed from what I recalled as a teenager. When we sat down with our client, we learned the plaza had been neglected for years by owners who didn’t even live in the country. In 2017, Patricia Brutton and her husband Marc decided to change that and purchased the plaza, putting it under local ownership for the first time in 20 years.

Patty Brutton was on a mission to breathe life back into the plaza and restore it to its former glory and then some. But she wasn’t going to wait around for the types of businesses she wanted to come in, so she decided to open one herself. With the help of a couple of lifelong friends, they opened Sea Biscuit Del Mar, a boutique offering the latest in fashion trends, gorgeous gifts, personal styling and more.

In addition to the boutique, Kim Kelly Fit Studio was also going to be moving in. Kim is a well-known local trainer who had been traveling up and down the coast for over 10 years packing and unpacking her car for classes, bringing the fitness to her clients. Well it was finally time for the clients to come to her.

With two trendy businesses moving into the Del Mar Plaza, we decided our angle to the press would center on the revitalization of the plaza with Sea Biscuit and Kim Kelly Fit Studio leading the way. This was a textbook local press campaign.

Our quick three-month campaign produced media hits with a majority of our targeted press outlets.

San Diego Business Journal

Online link:

Ranch & Coast

Del Mar Times

Del Mar Times ran a feature story in addition to running the press release we provided.

Online link:

Online Link:

The San Diego Union Tribune

Online Link:

Other press included mentions in the Rancho Santa Fe News and the Coast News along with two placements pending with La Jolla and Del Mar Lifestyle.

Client Painted Polish to be sold in SoCal Made this holiday season

October 3rd, 2018 Posted by beauty, Fashion, Products, Retail No Comment yet

We’re so excited to announce that our client Painted Polish will be on sale in our favorite retail store, SoCal Made. Located at the Westfield Mission Valley, SoCal Made features unique gifts created by local artisans and craftsman (think of it like an IRL etsy). While we typically focus on PR for our clients, we were really excited to make this retail opportunity happen for our awesome client Lexi! Painted Polish will showcase 15 palette pleasing and festive colors in the store, including Champagne O’Clock, Stamped in Taupe and Electric in Emerald.

These high quality polishes are 5-Free, which means no Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, TSF Resin, Camphor, or Formaldehyde. All polishes are also cruelty-free which means absolutely no animal testing.

They are the PERFECT stocking stuffer at just $10.

Client News: We are so excited for the launch of TOMO Vol. 1 Spikeless Golf Shoes

August 2nd, 2018 Posted by Fashion, Products, Retail No Comment yet

TOMO is a modern golf apparel company based out of San Diego announced its launch with the release of TOMO Vol. 1. This spikeless golf shoe is fashionable and lightweight, boasting style and comfort at a price point under $100.

TOMO Vol. 1s have a water resistant, soft, single-layer of knit to enhance comfort and breathability. TOMO shoes are extremely light and made with FLEX technology, which can’t be found in any other golf shoe on the market. FLEX features the use of different densities of polyurethanes inthe shoe soles, offering wearers grip, traction and comfort, while being resistant to wear and tear.

Founder, Sunny Chou, spent more than two years researching materials and over a year in the design phase, envisioning a golf shoe that would transition seamlessly form the golf course to just about anywhere.  He was committed to designing a shoe that was fashionable and functional with a simple, urban style. 

TOMO Vol. 1 colorways include Concrete, Stone, Forest and Sand, and the shoes are offered in men’s sizes 8.5 to 12. The shoes are currently available online. Customers can expect to receive their shoes in a box comprised of 100 percent recyclable materials for $89, less than $100 when shipped within the United States.

Painted Polish Moves Headquarters to San Diego + Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary with Pretty Peridot Duo

August 2nd, 2018 Posted by beauty, Retail No Comment yet

Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on Painted Polish’s newest collection! ‘5-Year Anniversary Duo’ is a collection featuring two shades of pale peridot in two different finishes: Here’s to 5 Years and Stamped in Honeydew. Painted Polish recently relocated to San Diego and we are so excited to have them right down the road!

The cruelty-free collection offers shades ranging from glitters galore to opaque one-coat polishes. Here’s to 5 Years features a pale peridot ultra holo with a scattering of silver galaxy glitters. Stamped in Honeydew is a light melon creme that doubles as a stamping polish opaque over black and white.

Each bottle is 13.2 ml and contains 2 large steel mixing balls for easy mixing. You can grab the lovely duo for $20 or buy the polishes individually.  If green ain’t your thing, then we still got you covered! Head to where you’ll find a huge selection of other stunning colors!