Confessions of a PR Intern: Sometimes you just have to WINE

I didn’t know what to expect working for a public relations firm this Summer. I had some ideas in mind…. maybe lots of writing? Social media blasts? Busy work? Running errands and getting coffee orders? Well, my first week on the job did include some of these, but it was far more exciting than I could have ever imagined. It didn’t include coffee runs, dry cleaning or answering phone calls. I was truly part of the Lee and London team and got hands-on experience from the creative and strong women behind L&L PR.

Lee and London was hired to provide PR support for the fifth annual ‘Sip the City,’ an event put on by the San Diego Urban Wineries (SDUW). SDUW is a coalition of wineries throughout San Diego County who take grapes from the country and create award-winning, unique wine in the city. My first week coincided with this wine tasting event L&L PR had been preparing for the past two months.

First Week on Cloud Wine 😉
(Sorry not sorry for all the wine puns I couldn’t help myself!)

On my first day, I woke up at 5:50 a.m. (far earlier than any time I have woken up for class these past four years!) and met Corinne, a senior publicist, at Gianni Buonomo Vintners in Ocean Beach for a live FOX 5 segment with Tabitha Lipkin. We set up the back of the winery to display the bottles of different wines available at ‘Sip the City.’ We tasted a little wine and gave insight to the interviewees on different touchpoints to discuss on camera– I was feeling like a PR maven. If this is what public relations is like at L&L PR, COUNT ME IN!

The live Fox 5 segment

My next work day was Friday, May 31st, the day of ‘Sip the City.’ I drove up to Seaport Village with a 6-by-7 carpet of artificial grass to help build and run the brainchild of L&L PR, the Rosé Garden. While we were not enlisted to produce the Rosé Garden, we became so obsessed with the idea that we ran with it! The Rosé Garden offered rosé tastings from 12 wineries at the event. After months of preparation, it was the L&L team’s turn to unWINE while we interns stepped up.

We poured, we drank (just a little obviously because we were working!) and we promoted the social media giveaway of four passports to San Diego Urban Wineries. The Rosé Garden gave people an opportunity to take pictures, sign up for the SDUW newsletter and drink rosé all day night!

I can’t promise every week will be like this with Lee and London, but my first week was wine I’ll never forget! Cheers!

One of the beautiful parts of the Rosé Garden!