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New Client Alert: LLPR Welcomes nonda to Client Roster

June 29th, 2018 Posted by client news, PR news, Public relations No Comment yet

We are so happy to announce we are now representing nonda! Nonda is a smart solutions tech company that aims to make daily life easier for everyone. Lee & London Public Relations will be assisting nonda with PR support year-round. (more…)

WildAid Partners with Jurassic World and Bryce Dallas Howard

June 27th, 2018 Posted by client news, general interest, nonprofit, PR news, Public relations, video No Comment yet

WildAid, a wildlife conservation group working to end the illegal wildlife trade and the poaching of elephant ivory, shark fins and rhino horn, has partnered with the filmmakers of Jurassic World, as well as star Bryce Dallas Howard, to produce a PSA campaign helping to save the endangered rhinoceros from extinction.


Welcoming our newest client, Fluent Forever!

June 15th, 2018 Posted by client news, general interest, Language, PR news No Comment yet

We are excited to be working with our new client, Fluent Forever, a modern guide to learning new languages quickly and efficiently. While immersion is one way to learn a language, most people cannot devote that much of their lives to learning a new language. Fluent Forever provides a practical way to learn a new language from a memory standpoint


Live Long and Drink Wine

June 11th, 2018 Posted by client news, festivals & events, general interest, nonprofit, PR news, Public relations No Comment yet

They say a glass of wine a day keeps doctor away. Although at Vintage Hollywood, there was probably more than just one glass… 

On June 9, Vintage Hollywood raised more than $200,000 at its annual food and wine tasting event, benefiting  The People Concern, one of LA’s largest nonprofits fighting homelessness.


Client News: Small Powder Room Wins Big

February 10th, 2014 Posted by client news, Design No Comment yet

Congratulations to client Jackson Design and Remodeling for bringing home “Best Powder Bath” and “Best Bath” overall at the 2014 NKBA awards ceremony held this week in Las Vegas.  JDR Senior Designer Sol Quintana Wagoner designed the award-winning powder bathroom that featured a stunning onyx sink with gold fixtures. At just 37 square feet, the Asian-inspired small bath beat out the best master baths and spa-like retreats from across the nation, showing that great design comes in all shapes and sizes.  A highlight of the win was getting to mix and mingle with design royalty like HGTV’s David Bromstead and Bravo TV’s Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Congrats to Sol and the entire JDR team!!


Firing your social media team? Read this first.

November 10th, 2013 Posted by general interest No Comment yet


Firing is never easy. Firing a social media team can have dire consequences if you aren’t careful.  Take the recent mass firing of the social media team (and others) at British entertainment company HMV for example. The bosses didn’t change their social media passwords prior to cutting 80 people so the social media team live tweeted the firing.  Check out the full tweet-fiasco here.   In the meantime, here’s a list of social media applications and other password-protected applications you’ll need to change before letting go of the folks who hold your brand image in the palm of their hands:

1) Facebook – company pages, CEO personal pages that social media reps often have access to (via login or adminstrator duties), and any others that may have been set up years ago that you’ve forgotten about.

2) Twitter – The fastest forum for people to give your brand a black eye. Note the use of the custom hashtag in the HMV debaucle that’s now gone viral: #HMVXFactorFiring

3) Pinterest – Beautiful brand-friendly images can quickly be replaced with a plethora of off-color comics and ecards. Like this one.7cb7cb4ae1155a216ae28dea3352a99d

4) Google + – While not as widely used as other sites, Google + use is definitely on the rise.  Now might be a good time to play with it and get familiar with its functionality before you are in the midst of a crisis.

5) Vine – 6 seconds is a short period of time that can do a lot of damage. Remember the problems they are having keeping porn out of the feeds? Imagine how much fun a disgruntled employee could have with 6 seconds of video.

6) Vimeo/YouTube – The only thing worse than an inappropriate 6 second video is an inappropriate 6 minute video.

8) LinkedIn – Many companies forget that their social media team holds the reigns to the newly created LinkedIn business profile pages and in many cases, the login for the CEO. If you don’t want the local strip club appearing on your list of past employers, you should probably change that password, stat.

9) Dropbox/Google docs – Many companies forget that they share access to sensitive documents on cloud sites like Google docs and Dropbox. It’s a good idea to check the permissions on these sites frequently to ensure you are no longer allowing access to an employee or contractor who no longer works with you.

10) Blogs – Many companies outsource blog content to writers or consultants who post directly to the site using quick and convenient apps like WordPress, which has an app right on your phone. With the click of a button, your blog can easily be pirated, so be sure you know your login/password to your company websites and make sure to change them before distributing pink slips.

11) Myspace — We know. You haven’t used your Myspace account since 1999 and many people don’t even remember their logins/passwords, but nonetheless, you should add it to your password list or take this opportunity to check out the probably embarrassing profile you haven’t looked at in 10 years.

Have other sites to add to this list or stories to share about hijacked passwords?  Post in the comments below.


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