Global Skateboarding Summit in Istanbul

Designed to be an annual meeting to help support skateboarders globally and further the growth of skateboarding, the summit will be packed with top tier speakers from the global skateboarding and international sports community. An exhibition area will be available for companies to share merchandise, activities and connect with the largest collection of global skateboarding athletes, retailers, manufacturers and brands. There will also be valuable networking and one-on-one meeting opportunities for attendees.

The summit will work to set the parameters to hold the first-ever General Assembly of all skateboarding entities worldwide and to review and come to consensus on the structure for one world governing body. Other summit topics include identifying ways to further develop skateboarding federations by providing support, organizational guidance and assistance to interested members and countries; providing support for the building of credible competition-style skateparks; supporting skateboarding as a mechanism for social change in communities globally; and creating educational materials and programs to support these efforts.