Recapture Lost Customers through Remarketing


As you pore over your website’s traffic and advertising analytics, what is your most important metric?

If it’s conversions and sales, then remarketing is a powerful tool to add to your belt.

Remarketing is, very simply, advertising targeted at people who have already visited your website or used your application. Remarketing is often more effective in key metrics such as click-through rate and conversions than standard online display advertising. On a base level this is logical since one is targeting people who have already shown some level of interest in one’s company and/or products. But the statistics also bear this out.

Within remarketing, the targeting can be broad (anyone visiting a site) or narrow (people who viewed an individual product or page) allowing the advertiser options in how they want to grab those lost customers. As an example of wide targeting, one can offer discounts or incentives to lure back first time visitors. And on the narrow side, one can remind the visitor of the product they showed interest in while providing a quick way back to that product. This greatly increases the chances of the sale being made. With these factors as well as being cost effective to begin with, the ROI on remarketing outpaces standard online advertising every time.

There are quite a few advertising platforms out there offering remarketing but Google and Facebook are of course the biggest players with the largest advertising networks by far. The fact that they both have excellent, easy to utilize, tools to accomplish remarketing goals just adds to their advantage over others.