Advantages of linking Google Advertising to Analytics

Ryan Cox SEO/SEM wizard

By Ryan Cox

Google Advertising’s varied platforms provide advertisers with an enormous reach as well as mountains of data with which to assess their ad campaigns. Click-through rates, Cost Per Click, and average rank are a few examples of the analytical tools included in Google Advertising platforms. These tools can help you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns while managing your budget. But you may be missing an important part of the picture if you fail to link your Google Advertising to your Analytics.

Google Analytics provides information such as bounce rate, average visit duration and pages per session. While the other 2 tools mentioned are self explanatory, your bounce rate is a measurement of users who came to your page then left without visiting another page or performing an action. All of this data aids in measuring individual ad, keyword or total campaign performance beyond the initial draw. This can also help you assess the landing page in which you are directing users.

Analytics can also provide demographic information such as age, gender and the interests of ad responders. This is valuable in both assessing current and past campaigns as well as planning future ones. It helps answer the questions of who your audience is and whether they match your target.

Linkage is relatively simple with Google’s assistance and the additional data can make a difference in wisely managing your marketing dollars.