Meet the Spring Interns, Molly and Lauren!

This semester we welcomed two new interns to Lee and London PR!

Molly and Lauren have become great additions to our team. They are both students at the University of San Diego, enjoy Tuesday morning Bachelor recaps and read the AP stylebook “just for fun.” Here’s a little more about them.

Molly Feeney

Molly studied abroad in Sydney in her Junior year of College.

Age: 21 years old

Hometown: Boston

Studying: Communication Studies with minors in Marketing and English

Why Lee and London: I chose to work at Lee and London because I wanted a hands-on internship. Correspondingly, I did not want to spend my time grabbing coffees or fighting the copy machine. I knew I will learn all there is to know about the public relations industry through Lee and London and I am so excited for the semester!

Fun Fact: I can spend hours upon hours on Tik Tok (evidence here)

Favorite office snack: Anything from Trader Joe’s

Favorite reality show: Below Deck on Bravo or the Bachelor/Bachelorette

Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Grab an acai bowl from Northside Shack with my roommates and watch the sunset at Sunset Cliffs!

Lauren Frack

Lauren spent a week in Morocco while traveling the world with Semester at Sea last Spring.

Age: 21 years old

Hometown: Portland

Studying: Communication Studies

Why Lee and London: I chose to work at Lee and London because I love learning about the diverse aspects of PR and the CEO Brendi takes it upon herself to educate us about the field. I enjoy creating all types of media, writing and graphic design and I hope to continue to grow these skills through this internship.

Fun Fact:  I embroider and design a bunch of my own clothes! 

Favorite office snack: Veggies and Hummus, the perfect combo.

Favorite reality show: The Bachelor (but not this season)

Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Go to the beach and do anything outdoors