“The secret to being a bore is to tell everything.” – Gore Vidal

Social Media

No PR campaign is complete without a social media strategy. Whether it’s the newest trend or the latest social networking site, we understand the need to be competitive in the technological world. Our team excels in social media and has executed ongoing programs for clients that have resulted in: 5k likes in less than three months, popularizing trending hashtags and developing & executing social media contests to build fans and awareness. We are experts at crafting content that resonates, managing contests and promotions and delivering detailed analytics of your social footprint.

For Intimacy bra boutiques, we had the Bra Whisperer host a Cleavage & Cupcakes party for high-profile mom bloggers throughout Southern California. We set up a social media station, where bloggers could log on via Wi-Fi for live blogging, social media and Whrll updates. The result was enough tweets and RTs on Twitter to generate a 72-page report of tracked #hashtag mentions.

The Maloofs had never heard of Twitter when we came on board to help them with PR. They’re now up to more than 36,000 followers, have a Twitter Verified status for @MaloofMoneyCup. We’ve hosted multiple Twitter and Facebook contests for them to generate and engage fans and followers, as well as cross-promote event sponsors and partners.

Used a combined social media and google ad campaign to generate ticket sales for WildAid’s 2017 fundraising gala. Using vivid imagery, strong messaging and detailed tarteting, our social media efforts helped to make the gala the most successful in the organization’s history, raising an incredible $2.9 million (surpassing the goal of $1.5 million).

More than doubled Feeding America San Diego Facebook followers within the first year, provided regular updates to cross promote partners, engage volunteers. Regularly drafted blog posts. At last check, FASD’s post views were up 784% from day one. Post feedback was up almost 200%.

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