Media Training

“It takes two weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”

-Mark Twain

Our half-day media session will prepare spokespersons for media interviews, including those with hard hitting questions that may arise during a crisis.  The session involves videotaping participants and teaching the fundamentals of handling interviews: key message training, transition phrases, how to work with press, how to respond in a crisis and much more. We’ll also discuss the plan for communications during a crisis that can be immediately shared with staff so everyone knows what to do should they get a call from a reporter, or discover a negative comment online.

Our Media Training session is a flat fee of $1,500 which includes training for up to 4 people.


How to handle tough questions

Don’t panic! Reporters can smell blood in the water. We’ll teach you how to handle ANY tough questions that are thrown at you.

Do you know your ABCs?

The ABC method teaches you the proper method for answering a question and transitioning into a key message.

Do you have a crisis plan in place?

Too often, when a crises occurs companies bury their heads in the sand.  This is no time to circle the wagons – acting quickly is the key to getting in front of a crises before it becomes exponentially larger. We’ll go over the dos and donts for crisis communications and ensure you have a plan that everyone in your company knows by heart.

Play well with others

Being responsive to reporters is key to being a great media interview. We’ll teach you about news cycles for various mediums and give tips that will have reporters coming back to you as a source time and time again.

Body language 101

Ditch the resting bitch face – 90 percent of what the public absorbs during an interview is non verbal.  We’ll show you how to control your ticks and look relaxed, professional and sincere.

What NOT to wear

Knowing what to wear during an interview is key to feeling confident. And knowing what NOT to wear is key to being a great interview without the distraction of a clinking bracelet or a loud print. We’ll give you tips for dressing for different types of interviews.

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