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Strategy sets you up for success, and so do we.

A Good PR Strategy Will Answer:

What are the longterm goals of the PR campaign?

What are the short term objectives of the PR campaign?

What are the target audiences for the PR campaign?

What tactics will the PR campaign implement?

How will the results of the PR campaign be measured?


What separates the true PR professionals from the publicists is a strategic approach. A good PR pro knows how to develop and execute strategic PR campaigns (both short and long term) that deliver against measurable objectives.

Strategy Summit

We kick off our client engagements with a strategy summit. The purpose of the summit is to gather all key staff together to review current marketing materials and plans and ensure everyone is on the same page.  A SWOT analysis is typically the starting point (with a form sent to all participants in advance to fill out and return prior to meeting so we can have them prepped and ready for discussion). During the summit we’ll review the branding triangle to solidify the tone of voice for communications. The remainder of the session will discuss the planned marketing strategies and milestones/events planned for the year using a timeline/calendar approach – with the full group brainstorming ideas for maximizing opportunities and making sure the PR, social media, e-marketing and online campaigns are all complementing one another and working together to give the greatest impact.

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